Kkf is a digital platform combining NFT and defi

Combined digital platform of defi + NFT
About KKF

KKF combines the combined digital platform of DEFI+NFT.

It allows cross-platform interaction, and combines the collection of blind box electronic bidding trading cards, social activities, games, 3D, AR, artworks, songs, tickets, photography, NFT and DeFi fields. KKF's community has a game-based market distribution platform for NFT and digital collections, which auctions, makes money and creates content, providing players and developers with different opportunities to increase their income at the same time. It will go online after the deployment of OKExChain, ETH, BSC and Heco main networks, and open the multi-chain asset interoperability of liquidity mining. KKF pioneered the extremely deflationary token, and captured the value of its online token KKF to the greatest extent, thus giving back to KKF supporters. Sectors: cards, artworks, social, games, 3D, AR, songs, tickets.

Art introduction Art section

Art section

A platform that can provide all-round services for artists and creators usually charges 10% of transaction fees, and 3% of transaction fees is used as repurchase to destroy KKF. Artists only need to provide an identification photo to generate tokens, which can be used to trade encrypted works of art. Artists can save these tokens in their digital encrypted wallets or use wallets provided by KKF. Because of the blockchain, each work has a unique "fingerprint" signed and distributed by the creator, which greatly guarantees the originality of the work. At the same time, the social function is introduced, and artists can judge how much they like their works through the "likes", "concerns" and "page views" of this function.

Card plate

The core of the card is to launch the blind box digital baby card with a new gameplay and a new distribution method. At the same time, KKF will be greatly empowered in various ways, and after 80, 90 and 00, it will return to the world of childhood digital baby. When children meet their embarrassing digital baby, they correspond to Taiyi-Rolling Beast, Ahe-Unicorn, Su Na-Pyocomon, Photonic Lang-Mochimon, Meimei-Seed Beast and Azhang. Do you know why ancient animals evolved first? That is to tell you, no matter what you do, first use courage to clear the way. Do you know why Bada beast is always the last to evolve? That's because when your friendship, honesty, love, knowledge, innocence and light are ruthlessly shattered by reality

we still have to be full of hope, let us enter the encrypted digital baby world with our feelings NFT card is based on 721 NFT in OKExChain, ETH, BSC and Heco

Brief introduction of kkf


Governance currency
  • KKF Governance currency KKF helps users realize diversified investment portfolio. At the same time, KKF also launched NFT mining. Users can open blind boxes NFT through KKF, and NFT can mine. With KKF, they can also participate in mining, dividends and governance, pioneering mining, inviting mining, double mining pools, trading destruction, and launching self-developed machine gun pools. NFT loan projects open various non-destructive pledge mining pools, and the generated income is repurchased to KKF and rewarded to participating users. These are external income multipliers that can strengthen KKF's financial attributes.

300 million

Total issue
  • 300 million Total amount issued 50% of NFT card art mining, 10% of platform NFT asset trading mining, 10% of community invitation mining, and 5% of LP mining Non-destructive mining 5%, institutional investment 5% (priority to extract high-value digital treasures) Card sales and community airdrops are 15%, and KKF manages 3% of the deflation transaction fee for repurchase and destruction, continuously improving the value of KKF


institutional investor

Platform combination

KKF Digital Platform

The advanced NFT technology in blockchain is the link bridge between virtual and real world, linking feelings and values, making it possible to own cards and artworks.






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